Jan 302018

Medarot Classics Kuwagata & Kabuto Ver JPN 3DS-HR iso download

Eng Title: Medarot Classics Kuwagata and Kabuto Version
Jpn Title: メダロット クラシックス クワガタVer./カブトVer.

Developer: Imagineer
Publisher: Imagineer
Genre: RPG Game
Platform: 3DS
Size: 172MB
Format: 3DS
LANG : Japaness
Release Date: Dec.21.2017 [JP]
Homepage: http://www.medarotsha.jp/classics/

Description :

Medabots Classics, a collection for 3DS that includes the first fiveMedabotsgames, complete with system improvements and evolutions.

By clearing the main stories, there are bonuses such as being able to play from the beginning of the game with all parts acquired, or being able to use phantom parts that could not be obtained in the main story.

There is a “Meda-Album” that compiles all the parts you obtained in the main stories. You can have a look at images and the capabilities of Medabots with all of their parts present.

In addition to being able to save and load at any time, there is also a “Force Robattle Skip” feature that you can use to avoid battles against small fry or formidable enemies (although this will not increase your Medal skill level).

Local multiplayer is supported, allowing each game to do wireless battles and parts trading.


Save and Load Anytime – Save right before a Robattle to try it again. No longer should you worry about being defeated and losing your parts

Wireless Multiplayer – Local wireless battles have been implemented for each game. Parts trading is also supported

Robattle Skip and Speed Feature – Skip Robattles against small fry enemies or against enemies you cannot defeat. However, while you can earn experience points, your Medal proficiency will not raise, so you cannot use this feature too often. You can also increase the speed of the game

Medabot Album – A Medabot Album featuring the parts you obtained in the main story of each game has been added. The full graphic for a Medabot will be unlocked after you obtain all four of its parts

Play a New Game with All of the Parts You Obtained – After clearing the main story of a game, you can start a new game with all of the parts you obtained. It may even be possible to use the phantom parts that cannot be obtained in the main story


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