Feb 172013

Love Tore Bitter Version XBOX360 torrent -HR JPN iso Download

Eng Title: Love Tore: Bitter Version
Jpn Title: ラブ☆トレ ~Bitter~

Developer: BOOST ON
Publisher: BOOST ON
Genre: AVG Game
Platform: XBOX360
Size: 7.40GB
Format: 16th Wave(LT 2.0/15574)
Region : NTSC/J (Excludes China)
Lang : Japaness
Realease Date: Jan.31.2013 [JP]
Homepage: http://www.asgard-net.jp/booston/lovetra/

Description :

Fill your days with dance, rhythm and girls. Set up the Kinect and let Love Tore pull you into the dance club. The game is a trilogy of challenges. The first game Sweet sets up stage where you meet the girls in your club. Get used to holding their hands and their waists and guiding them across the dance floor.

However, the club room is not the only place you practice. You might get into situations where you have to dance in swim suits. Practice the different routines and get used to all sorts of beats, because the club’s over if you can’t lead the girls to steal the show during the school festival.


ラブ☆トレ ~Bitter~ torrent XBOX360 -HR JPN iso Download

ラブ☆トレ ~Bitter~ XBOX360 torrent -HR JPN iso Download

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  1. Links are broken for Rapidgator, could anyone fix them please ?

  2. Hi,

    I’m looking for the rare version ラブ☆トレ~Chocolate~ . Do you have it?

    Thanks in advance.

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