Mar 012017

Hakoboi HakozumeBOX JPN 3DS-JRP

Eng Title: 3DS Pack Feb.28.2017
Developer: Multi
Publisher: Multi
Genre: NA
Platform: 3DS
Size: 10.70GB
Format: 3DS
Region : Multi
Lang : Multi
Release Date: Feb.2017

Description :

Game list:

Dairantou Smash Brothers for Nintendo 3DS v03 JPN 3DS-HR
Hakoboi HakozumeBOX JPN 3DS-JRP
Wannyan Pet Shop v03 JPN 3DS-HR

Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo USA 3DS-BigBlueBox
Barbie Groom and Glam Pups USA 3DS-BigBlueBox
Dragon Quest VIII Journey of the Cursed King USA 3DS-SUXXORS
Poochy and Yoshis Woolly World USA 3DS-SUXXORS

Dragon Ball Fusions EUR MULTi5 3DS-PUSSYCAT
Hotel Transylvania EUR MULTi3 3DS-PUSSYCAT
Poochy And Yoshis Woolly World EUR MULTi6 3DS-PUSSYCAT
Super Smash Bros v10 EUR MULTi8 3DS-PUSSYCAT

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